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Holbeach Meadows is an exclusive collection of 900 1-5 bedroom homes located near Spalding, Lincolnshire.

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Holbeach Meadows, Hallgate, Holbeach, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 7HZ. Book your appointment on 01406 430940.

The prestigious Holbeach Meadows Development providing 900 new homes for Holbeach a phased scheme will see an established community constructed, featuring a blend of 1-5 bedroomed homes. A six zoned development urban extension to the Holbeach town help assist the housing need and the difficulties facing first-time buyers and young families by providing stylish, affordable, energy efficient homes at an affordable price. The design focus will be a development driven by a desire to produce a high-quality residential development which pays respect to the local context and will be an integral part of Holbeach in years to come. Alongside the scheme Ashwood Homes will be providing a community facility within the listed building and contributing to the construction of the much-needed roundabout at Peppermint Junction on the A17. We are also contributing to the provision of school places within Holbeach.